Democracy in danger

A staggering 5.7 billion people, nearly 3/4 of the global population, live under dictatorships, a stark increase from 42% a decade ago. Beyond this alarming statistic lies the harsh reality that countless individuals are silenced, unable to express their thoughts, and restrained from pursuing what they believe to be right, as they are subjected to arbitrary rule and violence.

While children and teenagers are taught essential skills such as reading, counting, writing, and mastering foreign languages, it is equally important for them to learn about fairness, conflict resolution, peacemaking, and the value of others. This is why democratic values should be integrated into every classroom.

Percentage of people who live in dictatorships or autocratic regimes

How Mayority fights for change

Mayority is an impact game that introduces a fresh and modern approach to teach democratic values to young people aged 10 to 15. It stands out as the only educational videogame that aligns with the RFCDC framework. With Mayority, children learn about essential topics such as basic needs, fairness and peaceful coexistance in a playful way. Mayority is not only fun to play and easy to use, it also makes a valuable contribution to democracy education.

How it all began

Mayority is a project initiated by WOTI World of Tomorrow Institute GmbH (formerly ACT NOW). It was founded upon insights from the International ACT NOW Mayors’ Conferences, which have been taking place yearly since 2016. These conferences serve as a platform for mayors to engage in fruitful discussions and share innovative ideas on fostering successful coexistence in a multicultural society.

The entire game development process was funded entirely with our own resources. Its purpose is to empower educators to provide children and teenagers with an intuitive and up-to-date understanding of the intricacies of coexistence and democracy. The goal is that they transfer the experiences gained in the game into their everyday lives.