Mayority endorsed by the Austrian Government!

Mayority can now be purchased by local primary and secondary schools within Austria as part of the current textbook campaign financed by the government for the subject areas of political education and history, as well as geography and economics.

What is Mayority?

  • An innovative tool for democracy education
  • An Impact Game – an educational video game in which callenging in-game scenarios lead to accomplishment of learning objectives
  • A video game with supplementary teaching materials that are based on the RFCDC framework

For these reasons, Mayority can now be purchased via the current textbook campaign for the first time this year!

Now Endorsed By The Austrian Government!

This is how
textbook campaign works

1. Mayority on the Webshop

Visit our online shop and add the desired number of license to the shopping cart.

2. Acquire licenses

Enter the code "Schulbuchaktion 2023/2024" when ordering.

3. Get your invoice

WOTI sends the invoice for the selected teaching materials directly to the relevant customer team at the tax offices. Confirm the receipt of the teaching materials on either the delivery bill or the copy of the invoice. Please return the document to us after signing and stamping it with the school seal.

You will find the item "Unterrichtsmaterial eigener Wahl" in the SBA-Online under "Diverses" --- "UMeW":
As a first step, you can use a form to formally request the teaching materials you prefer. This will show you how much money is available for you to use. The request will be forwarded to the local tax office for payment of the invoices only after you have specified the desired quantity.

4. Start your lessons!